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Im... an illustration student in SF. Cat lover. Coffee addict. Disneyland aficionado.
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Finished another in the series, The Lovers. The Bride doesn’t look too thrilled, but I doubt the HBG was her first choice…
Who has two thumbs and is really excited Gravity Falls is back?
This kid!
Im so overwhelmed by your love for my cards! (/w\  ) Thank you all so much! I have plans to finish and print the whole deck, so keep your eyes tuned to this place! In the meantime, heres a preview of the next card, what could it be?…..
Its been a while
Sometimes I do the kpop thing.Pink haired Dongwoo forever.

"That Hardscrabble girl is certainly going places."

So I saw Monster’s U and immediately became obsessed with Dean Hardscrabble, and just how freaking cool she and her design and just everything about her. On her wiki, it says she belonged to the sorority HSS and while I doubt it was so overwhelmingly goth back in her time at MU, I couldn’t resist a chance to draw a younger, goth Hardscrabble.
Fill the void up with celluloid<>
Biker tiger RIDES AGAIN!